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Call for Application for International Training Expert for the project ''Women Have Rights!'' 07 November 2018

The project objective is to develop capacities of CSO’s to use CEDAW and OP-CEDAW, to advocate and represent women’s human rights in cases of gender-based discrimination and violence; and to initiate communication procedure and/or inquiry procedure under the OP - CEDAW in at least 5 cases. To this aim, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia is announcing a Call for a Trainer for the following activity: three-day training for previously selected CSOs, networks, platforms and legal professionals which will focus on the practical use of the individual communications or/and inquiries under the Optional Protocol to CEDAW. Activity output: select 5 cases from previously presented cases and drafting individual communications and/or inquiries for the selected cases.

Details for the project and application procedure on the following link 

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