Corner Special analysis

Special report on identified and possible crimes committed during the violent attack on the Assembly on 27 april 2017 05 May 2017

The report can be downloaded at the following link.

Immediately after the election of the new President of the Assembly of RM by the parliamentary majority, on 17 April 2017, around 19:00, the organizers and participants of the protest group known as "For a United Macedonia" forcibly entered the parliament building. According to the numerous video recordings, police officers in charge of keeping...

Refugees Rights: National and international standards vis-a-vis the situation on the ground 16 January 2017

You can find the full publication on the following link.

Starting from the end of 2014 to date, the Republic Macedonia has witnessed a previously unseen influx of refugees in transit from the country’s territory to the EU member countries. Since the beginning of registration process conducted by the country, starting from June 2015 to the end of the year, 388,233 refugees were registered to have...

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