Corner Press release

Prof. Gordan Kalajdziev is the new president of the Helsinki Committee 17 September 2011

On September 17th, 2011 the Assembly of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in the Republic of Macedonia convened. Besides summarizing the work of the Committee among the two assemblies, at the Assembly a new Management Board of the Committee was elected. The new Management Board on its first session elected Gordan Kalajdziev, one of the founders of the Committee, professor ат the Faculty...

For crimes against humanity amnesty cannot apply 22 July 2011

The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia once again reiterates the position that under no circumstances there can be amnesty for cases of serious violation of the international humanitarian law.

The return and the processing of the Hague cases by our justice system still create a big dilemma accompanied by utterly contradictory interpretations in the public. The...

What's the human life worth? 07 June 2011

One day after the elections the country was stunned by the news that a member of the police forces brutally killed a young 23 year old man by excessive use of force. This sounds like good morning to the reforms announced by the winning political party that is to continue with the "reforms” from the point at which they stopped.

On the other hand MOI is speechless! After the several attempts by...

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