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Research on the citizens' understanding of human rights 26 February 2015

The report contains a description of the methodology and procedure employed in the research process. The research conducted within the Project: Increasing the transparency and improving the rule of law by monitoring and reporting violations of human rights in the Republic of Macedonia, implemented by the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia and supported by the Foundation Open Society Macedonia, covers: the opinions, perceptions and citizens’ awareness about human rights and the institutions dealing with these issues which are in charge of protecting these rights. The goal of the research is to gain data on the citizens’ awareness about human rights and the mechanisms of protection in case of their violation. 

From the 9 to 30 December 2014, the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities - Skopje, conducted an empirical research on the public opinion of the residents of the eight regions in the Republic of Macedonia: the Vardar region, the Eastern region, the Southwest region, the Southeast region, the Pelagonija region, the Polog region, the Northeast region and the Skopje region. Ten researchers were involved in the different stages in the course of the research process (preparing the instruments, preparing the sample, data collection, entering data, processing data and data analysis).

You can download the publication at the following link 

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