Corner Reports

Report on the visit of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia to the Special Institution - Demir Kapija 27 June 2016

In accordance with the strategic and long established practice of visits to the closed type institutions in the country, Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Macedonia visited the Special Institution – Demir Kapija. The visit took place in February, 2016, upon previously acquired permission from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. The purpose of the visit was to determine the actual situation of the conditions and the realization of fundamental human rights of persons with intellectual disabilities who are placed in this institution, and because of their vulnerability they represent a sensitive category of citizens and are entitled to special rights based on their special needs. This report focuses on the situation regarding the capacity, the personnel organization of the institution, the living conditions, the hygiene, the accommodation of patients, the treatment and care of the patients, the health care, the program contents and activities, and the patients’ contacts with the outside world.

The report can be downloaded at the following link.

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