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The situation at the border crossings Gevgelija and Kumanovo for the period: 31.10.2016 – 06.11.2016 08 November 2016

The weekly report on the situation at the border crossings Gevgelija and Kumanovo includes the following topics: Available facilities and conditions at the camp and Institutional treatment. The report can be downloaded at the following link.  


Available facilities and conditions

The number of refugees at the start of the week amounted to 125, and then dropped to 104 by the end of the week, after one group of refugees left the camp.

The hygiene in certain parts of the camp has deteriorated.

Two new containers designated for use by the medical teams, i.e. health dispensaries, have been brought to the camp.

At the end of the week, a representative of the German Bundestag paid a visit to the camp.

Institutional treatment

Three refugees originating from Pakistan were brought to the camp on 31.10.2016, and after being interviewed by the security services they were deported back to Greek territory. On the next day, a father with two children originating from Iraq was brought to the camp, after being caught by the police in the vicinity of Gevgelija. Later during the day, three more refugees originating from Pakistan were intercepted in the vicinity of the railway station. After they were provided with humanitarian aid, all six were transported to Greek territory.

The refugee from Syria, who successfully completed the family reunion procedure, has been transported to the Alexander the Great Airport to take a flight and be reunited with her husband.

On 04.11.2016, 21 refugees originating from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan who have submitted asylum requests, were transported to the Shelter Center for Asylum Seekers - Vizbegovo.

On 06.11.2016, four refugees originating from Algeria were caught under the wagons of a cargo train from Greece which arrived at the railway station in Gevgelija. After a security check-up was conducted, they were transported back to Greek territory.


Available facilities and conditions

The official number of refugees in the camp, according to the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, amounts to 61. However, according to the Crisis Management Center, it amounts to 73. The unofficial number of refugees staying in the camp, on the other hand, is around 105. In addition, small groups of refugees sporadically come to the camp in order to get food.

Delegations from Kosovo and Albania paid visits to the camp on 03.11.2016.

The facility equipped with washing machines and tumble dryers is prepared and the only thing that remains is for it to be put into operation.

Institutional treatment

Increased stirring has been observed in the camp from refugees coming from outside to the camp in order to get food and clothes. Several such groups have been observed, originating from various countries, Pakistan, Tunis, Algeria, etc.

On 05.11.2016, a group of 12 people originating from Afghanistan (4 of whom children) tried to enter the camp, but were prevented do to so by the police. The Red Cross provided them with clothes and food, upon which they had to leave the camp.

Isolated quarrels occur in the camp between newly arrived refugees who consume alcohol and cigarettes and the refugees who are staying the camp for a longer period of time. The quarrels are quickly resolved by those present on field.

The situation in the Detention Centers in the Republic of Macedonia

The number of refugees accommodated in the Shelter Centers in the Republic of Macedonia is not available.

Irregular migration

In the course of this period, the Ministry of Interior did not register a single incident related to refugees, or refugee-smuggling.

This report is made possible by the generous support of the Foundation Open Society Institute (FOSI) within the project „Improvement of the rights protection for migrants and asylum seekers in the Republic of Macedonia“. The contents are the responsibility of the Helsinki Committee for Human rights of the Republic of Macedonia and do not necessarily reflect the views of FOSI.

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